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(Comparative) study (in structure/mode/ways of pronunciation, articulation, phonetics, or whatever; that is, in differences of speaking mouth postures and resultant speaking weight/force center points) between English/foreign languages and mother tongue, for better (more practical/effective/smooth) hearing/speaking of English/foreign languages.       Copyright.   Young-Won Kim,
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::: Comparative phonetics, fun facts :::

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Name   Young-Won Kim
Subject   'Korean Sea' or 'Sea of Japan' ??                 黃帝內經 medical book,               Democrat or Republican

1.                                  'Korean Sea'  or  'Sea of Japan'  ?? ,  
Usage    The word ocean refers to one of the Earth's four distinct, large areas of salt water, the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and Arctic Oceans. The word can also mean the entire network of water that covers almost three quarters of our planet. It comes from the Greek Okeanos, a river believed to circle the globe. The word sea can also mean the vast ocean covering most of the world. But it more commonly refers to large landlocked or almost landlocked salty waters smaller than the great oceans, such as the Mediterranean Sea or the Bering Sea. Sailors have long referred to all the world's waters as the seven seas. Although the origin of this phrase is not known for certain, many people believe it referred to the Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Persian Gulf, the Black Sea, the Adriatic Sea, the Caspian Sea, and the Indian Ocean, which were the only waters of interest to Europeans before Columbus.

The American Heritage Dictionary of Student Science, Second Edition. Copyright 2014 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.

(Pacific/uCh Ocean/SS)/GC/S/abT  >>  ocean
"Pacific Ocean"  <<  ocean [ŋo ŋu s= yΛn]/uCh/GC/S/abT
(Pacific/uCh Ocean/SS)/GC/S/abT/+cp  >>  "the Greek"
(Pacific/uCh Ocean/SS)/GC/S/abT/+bp  >>  "O k e a n o s"

(Atlantic/uCh Ocean/SS)/GC/P/abT  >>  ocean
"Atlantic Ocean"  <<  ocean [ŋo w= s= yΛn]/uCh/GC/P/abT
(Atlantic/uCh Ocean/SS)/GC/P/abT/+cp  >>  "the Greek"
(Atlantic/uCh Ocean/SS)/GC/P/abT/+bp  >>  "O k e a n o s"

(Indian/uCh Ocean/SS)/mGC/abT  >>  ocean
"Indian Ocean"  <<  ocean [ŋo wu s= yΛn]/uCh/mGC/abT

(Arctic/uCh Ocean/SS)/mGC/abT  >>  ocean
"Arctic Ocean"  <<  ocean [ŋo ŋ= s= yΛn]/uCh/mGC/abT

"Pacific Ocean"  >>  (the Pacific Ocean)/P/Ch
"Atlantic Ocean"  >>  (the Atlantic Ocean)/P/Ch
"Indian Ocean"  >>  (the Indian Ocean)/P/Ch
"Arctic Ocean"  >>  (the Arctic Ocean)/P/Ch

(salt [sΛ ŋo t=] water)/uCh/GC/S/abT  >>  water
"salt water"  <<  water [wo/uCh ŋΛ/SS tΛr/uCh]/GC/S/abT

sea                                 (salt/Ch + water)/C2                                "salt water"

(salty/uCh water/SS) /GC/P/abT >>  water
"salty water"  <<  water [wo ŋΛ tΛr]/uCh/GC/P/abT

"salty water [sΛ ŋo ti -]"  >>  sea [si y=]/P/Ch
"salt water"  >>  sea [si yi]/P/Ch

(our/uCh planet/SS)/mGC/abT  >>  earth
"our planet"  <<  earth [ŋo ŋΛ θ=]/uCh/mGC/abT

earth [ŋΛ ŋo s=]  >>  "the earth [di ŋΛ s=]" /P/Ch

(Mediterranean/uCh Sea/SS)/GC/P/abT  >>  sea
"Mediterranean Sea"  <<  sea [si yi]/uCh/GC/P/abT

Mediterranean/uCh/mGC/abT  >>  "land locked"
Mediterranean  <<  (land [le ye d=]/uCh locked/SS)/mGC/abT
Mediterranean/uCh/mGC/abT/+cp  >>  Africa
Mediterranean/uCh/mGC/abT/+bp  >>  Europe

"Mediterranean Sea"  >>  "the Mediterranean Sea" /P/Ch

(Bering/uCh Sea/SS)/mGC/abR  >>  sea
"Bering Sea"  <<  sea [si yi]/uCh/mGC/abR

Bering [be/uCh y/SS riŋ/uCh]/mGC/abT  >>  "land locked"
Bering [be/uCh y/SS riŋ/uCh]/mGC/abT/+cp  >>  "the Aleutian Islands"
Bering [be/uCh y/SS riŋ/uCh]/mGC/abT/+bp  >>  "Kamchatka Alaska"

"Bering Sea"  >>  "the Bering Sea" /P/Ch

(Korean/uCh Sea/SS)/GC/P/abR  >>  sea
"Korean Sea"  <<  sea [so y=]/uCh/GC/P/abR

Korean [kΛ/uCh ŋo/SS ri/uCh ŋΛn/SS]/GC/S/abT  >>  "land locked"
Korean [kΛ/uCh ŋo/SS ri/uCh ŋΛn/SS]/GC/S/abT/+cp  >>  Korea
Korean [kΛ/uCh ŋo/SS ri/uCh ŋΛn/SS]/GC/S/abT/+bp  >>  Japan

"Korean Sea"  >>  "the Korean Sea" /P/Ch

"Korean Sea"  >>  한국해 (경상2)  >>  동해 (강원2)

(Yellow [ye ŋ lo w=]/uCh Sea/SS)/mGC/abT  >>  sea
"Yellow Sea"  <<  sea [si y=]/uCh/mGC/abT

Yellow [ye/uCh y/SS lo/uCh w=/SS]/mGC/abR  >>  "land locked"
Yellow [ye/uCh y/SS lo/uCh w=/SS]/mGC/abR/+cp  >>  Korea
Yellow [ye/uCh y/SS lo/uCh w=/SS]/mGC/abR/+bp  >>  China

"Yellow Sea"  >>  "the Yellow Sea" /P/Ch

"Yellow Sea"  >>  서해 (충청2)  >>  황해 (제주2)

(Deep [di yip]/uCh Sea/SS)/GC/S/abT  >>  sea
"Deep Sea"  <<  sea [si yi]/uCh/GC/S/abT

Deep [di/uCh yip/SS]/mGC/abR  >>  "land locked"
Deep [di/uCh yip/SS]/mGC/abR/+cp  >>  "China Korea"
Deep [di/uCh yip/SS]/mGC/abR/+bp  >>  "Japan Okinawa"

"Deep Sea"  >>  "the Deep Sea" /P/Ch

"Deep Sea"  >>  탐라해 (전라2)  >>  남해 (남헤) (평안2)

waters [wo/uCh ŋΛ/SS tΛ/uCh s=/SS]/GC/P/abT  >>  sea
waters  <<  sea [si y=]/uCh/GC/P/abT

(the [Λ] seven seas)/uCh/GC/S/abT  >>  "the Red Sea"
"the seven seas"  <<  (the [o ŋΛ]/uCh Red/SS Sea/uCh)/GC/S/abT

(the seven seas)/SS/mGC/abE  >>  "the Mediterranean Sea"
"the seven seas"  <<  (the/uCh Mediterranean/SS Sea/uCh)/mGC/abE

(the/uCh seven/SS seas/uCh)/GC/S/abT  >>  "the Persian Gulf"
"the seven seas"  <<  (the Persian Gulf)/uCh/GC/S/abT

(the seven seas)/SS/GC/S/abR  >>  "the Black Sea"
"the seven seas"  <<  (the/uCh Black/SS Sea/uCh)/GC/S/abR

(the seven seas)/uCh/GC/S/abR  >>  "the Adriatic Sea"
"the seven seas"  <<  (the/uCh Adriatic/SS Sea/uCh)/GC/S/abR

(the seven seas)/uCh/mGC/abR  >>  "the Caspian Sea"
"the seven seas"  <<  (the/uCh Caspian/SS Sea/uCh)/mGC/abR

(the/uCh seven/SS seas/uCh)/GC/P/abE  >>  "the Indian Ocean"
"the seven seas"  <<  (the Indian Ocean)/uCh/GC/P/abE

2.                                 黃帝內經 황제내경  "medical book" 의서

黃帝內經 황제내경 (황해1/Ch)  <<  "medical book" 의서

"medical book" /C2  >>  textbook/T  >>  "sacred book" /S  >>  cookbook/P

素問 소문 (황해1-2)  <<  theme [θi ŋim] 주제

上古天真論篇第一 상고천진론편제일 (황해2)  <<  medicine    약 [yak]
四氣調神大論篇第二 사기조신대론편제이 (황해2)  <<  health
生氣通天論篇第三 생기통천론편제삼 (황해2)  <<  life
金匱真言論篇第四 김궤진언론편제사 (황해2)  <<  disease
陰陽應象大論篇第五 음양응상대론편제오 (황해2)  <<  public health
陰陽離合論篇第六 음양리합론편제륙 (황해2)  <<  operation
陰陽別論篇第七 음양별론편제칠 (황해2)  <<  cancer
靈蘭秘典論篇第八 령란비전론편제팔 (황해2)  <<  pregnancy
六節髒象論篇第九(1) 륙절장상론편제구(1) (황해2)  <<  rheumatism
五髒生成論篇第十 오장생성론편제십 (황해2)  <<  menses
五髒別論篇第十一(1) 오장별론편제십일(1) (황해2)  <<  cough

異法方宜論篇第十二 이법방의론편제십이 (황해2)  <<  epilepsy [ŋ y pΛ le si], 간질
移精變氣論篇第十三 이정변기론편제십삼 (황해2)  <<  hepatitis
湯液醪醴論篇第十四 탕액료례론편제십사 (황해2)  <<  psychosis/조울증/조울병

玉版論要篇第十五 옥판론요편제십오 (황해2)  <<  anorexia [ŋe no re si ŋa], 식욕 부진 (시굑 부우진)
診要經終論篇第十六 진요경종론편제십륙 (황해2)  <<  lung
脈要精微論篇第十七 맥요정미론편제십칠 (황해2)  <<  liver
平人氣象論篇第十八 평인기상론편제십팔 (황해2)  <<  head

玉機真髒論篇第十九 옥기진장론편제십구 (황해2)  <<  sex [se ye s=], 성기(性器)

三部九候論篇第二十 삼부구후론편제이십 (황해2)  <<  arm [ŋa ŋam], 팔
經脈別論篇第二十一 경맥별론편제이십일 (황해2)  <<  nose

藏氣法時論篇第二十二 장기법시론편제이십이 (황해2)  <<  foot [fu ŋ=t], 발
宣明五氣篇第二十三 선명오기편제이십삼 (황해2)  <<  hand

血氣形志篇第二十四 혈기형지편제이십사 (황해2)  <<  vagina [vΛ ŋo za y= nΛ], 보지

寶命全形論篇第二十五 보명전형론편제이십오 (황해2)  <<  penis [p ŋe ni s=], 자지
八正神明論篇第二十六 팔정신명론편제이십륙 (황해2)  <<  nerve

離合真邪論篇第二十七(1) 리합진사론편제이십칠(1) (황해2)  <<  cough [kΛ ŋo f=], 기침 (기이침 [gi yi cim])

通評虛實論篇第二十八 통평허실론편제이십팔 (황해2)  <<  red eyes
太陰陽明論篇第二十九 태음양명론편제이십구 (황해2)  <<  sleepiness
陽明脈解篇第三十 양명맥해편제삼십 (황해2)  <<  palsy
熱論篇第三十一 열론편제삼십일 (황해2)  <<  anger
刺熱論篇第三十二 자열론편제삼십이 (황해2)  <<  nervousness
評熱病論篇第三十三 평열병론편제삼십삼 (황해2)  <<  liver cancer
逆調論篇第三十四 역조론편제삼십사 (황해2)  <<  sadness
瘧論篇第三十五 학론편제삼십오 (황해2)  <<  sullenness
刺瘧篇第三十六 자학편제삼십륙 (황해2)  <<  premature ejaculation
氣厥論篇第三十七 기궐론편제삼십칠 (황해2)  <<  qualm
欬論篇第三十八 해론편제삼십팔 (황해2)  <<  insomnia
舉痛論篇第三十九 거통론편제삼십구 (황해2)  <<  swelling
腹中論篇第四十 복중론편제사십 (황해2)  <<  lovesickness
刺腰痛論篇第四十一 자요통론편제사십일 (황해2)  <<  early death
風論篇第四十二 풍론편제사십이 (황해2)  <<  food avarice "음식에 대한 욕심 (음씩에 데한 욕씸)"
痺論篇第四十三 비론편제사십삼 (황해2)  <<  reverie

痿論篇第四十四 위론편제사십사 (황해2)  <<  calculus [ke kΛ lΛ s=], 결석 (결썩)
厥論篇第四十五 궐론편제사십오 (황해2)  <<  rubella/풍진

病能論篇第四十六 병능론편제사십륙 (황해2)  <<  concretion [kaŋ k= ri s= yΛn]/결핵 (겨렉)

奇病論篇第四十七 기병론편제사십칠 (황해2)  << syphilis [si y= fΛ lΛ s=], 매독 (메독)
大奇論篇第四十八 대기론편제사십팔 (황해2)  <<  contagion/감염

脈解篇第四十九 맥해편제사십구 (황해2)  <<  epilepsy [ŋe ye pΛ le si], 간질 (가안질)
刺要論篇第五十 자요론편제오십 (황해2)  <<  penis [pe y ni s=], 자지 (자아지)
刺齊論篇第五十一 자제론편제오십일 (황해2)  <<  sex [s ŋe s=], 성기(性器) (성기이)
刺禁論篇第五十二 자금론편제오십이 (황해2)  <<  concretion [kan k= ri s= yΛn]/결핵 (겨랙)
刺志論篇第五十三 자지론편제오십삼 (황해2)  <<  vagina [vo ŋΛ za y= nΛ], 보지 (보오지)
鍼解篇第五十四 침해편제오십사 (황해2)  <<  foot [f= w=t], 발 (바알)
長刺節論篇第五十五 장자절론편제오십오 (황해2)  <<  syphilis [si yi fΛ lΛ s=], 매독 (매에독)
皮部論篇第五十六 피부론편제오십륙 (황해2)  <<  sex [se ŋ s=], 성기(性器) (서엉기)
經絡論篇第五十七 경락론편제오십칠 (황해2)  <<  arm [ŋam], 팔 (파알)
氣穴論篇第五十八 기혈론편제오십팔 (황해2)  <<  arm [ŋ= w= ŋam], 팔 (파할)
氣府論篇第五十九 기부론편제오십구 (황해2)  <<  cough [ko ŋΛ f=], 기침 (기이침 [gi y= cim])
骨空論篇第六十 골공론편제륙십 (황해2)  <<  foot [f= wut], 발 (바할)
水熱穴論篇第六十一 수열혈론편제륙십일 (황해2)  <<  calculus [k kΛ lΛ s=], 결석
調經論篇第六十二 조경론편제륙십이 (황해2)  <<  foot [fut], 발 (val)
繆刺論篇第六十三 무자론편제륙십삼 (황해2)  <<  sex [s y s=], 성기(性器) (서엉기이)
四時刺逆從論篇第六十四 사시자역종론편제륙십사 (황해2)  <<  anorexia [ŋ no re si ŋa], 식욕 부진 (시굑 부으진)
標本病傳論篇第六十五 표본병전론편제륙십오 (황해2)  <<  foot [f= ŋut], 발 (va hal)
天元紀大論篇第六十六 천원기대론편제륙십륙 (황해2)  <<  sex [se y s=], 성기(性器) (서엉기yi)
五運行大論篇第六十七 오운행대론편제륙십칠 (황해2)  <<  foot [f= ŋu t=], 발 (va 알)
六微旨大論篇第六十八 륙미지대론편제륙십팔 (황해2)  <<  vagina [vo za y= nΛ], vo오지
氣交變大論篇第六十九 기교변대론편제륙십구 (황해2)  <<  sex [se s=], 성기(性器) (소엉기이)
五常致大論篇第七十 오상치대론편제칠십 (황해2)  <<  vagina [vΛ za yi nΛ], vΛ오지이
六元正紀大論篇第七十一 륙원정기대론편제칠십일 (황해2)  <<  foot [fu wu t=], 발 (바하 알)
刺法論篇第七十二(遺篇)자법론편제칠십이(유편) (황해2)  <<  sex [se s=], 성기(性器) (서옹기)
本病論篇第七十三(遺篇)본병론편제칠십삼(유편) (황해2)  <<  vagina [bΛ ŋo za yi nΛ], vo wo지
至真要大論篇第七十四 지진요대론편제칠십사 (황해2)  <<  foot [f= w= t=], 발 (va아할)
著至教論篇第七十五 저지교론편제칠십오 (황해2)  <<  penis [pe ŋ ni s=], 자하지
示從容論第七十六 시종용론제칠십륙 (황해2)  <<  foot [fu wu t=], 발 (va아알)
疏五過論篇第七十七 소오과론편제칠십칠 (황해2)  <<  vagina [bo ŋΛ za ŋi nΛ], vo호지이
徵四失論篇第七十八 징사실론편제칠십팔 (황해2)  <<  foot [f= wu t=], 발 (va하할)
陰陽類論篇第七十九 음양류론편제칠십구 (황해2)  <<  penis [p ŋe ni s=], 자지 (주아지)
方盛衰論篇第八十 방성쇠론편제팔십 (황해2)  <<  foot [fu ŋ= wu t=], 발 (va하아할)
解精微論篇第八十一 해정미론편제팔십일 (황해2)  <<  arm [ŋa ham], 팔 [fal]

靈樞 령추 (강원2)  <<  theme [θi ŋim] 주제

九鍼十二原第一 구침십이원제일  (강원2-1)  <<  medicine        약 [yak]
本輸第二 본수제이 (강원2-1)  <<  health
小鍼解第三 소침해제삼 (강원2-1)  <<  life
邪氣藏府病形第四 사기장부병형제사 (강원2-1)  <<  disease
根結第五 근결제오 (강원2-1)  <<  public health
壽夭剛柔第六 수요강유제륙 (강원2-1)  <<  operation
官鍼第七 관침제칠 (강원2-1)  <<  cancer
本神第八 본신제팔 (강원2-1)  <<  pregnancy
終始第九 종시제구 (강원2-1)  <<  rheumatism
經脈第十 경맥제십 (강원2-1)  <<  menses
經別第十一 경별제십일 (강원2-1)  <<  cough
經水第十二 경수제십이 (강원2-1)  <<  epilepsy [ŋ y pΛ le si], 간질
經筋第十三 경근제십삼 (강원2-1)  <<  hepatitis
骨度第十四 골도제십사 (강원2-1)  <<  psychosis/조울증/조울병
五十營第十五 오십영제십오 (강원2-1)  <<  anorexia [ŋe no re si ŋa], 식욕 부진 (시굑 부우진)
營氣第十六 영기제십륙 (강원2-1)  <<  lung
脈度第十七 맥도제십칠 (강원2-1)  <<  liver
營衛生會第十八 영위생회제십팔 (강원2-1)  <<  head
四時氣第十九 사시기제십구 (강원2-1)  <<  sex [se ye s=], 성기(性器)
五邪第二十 오사제이십 (강원2-1)  <<  arm [ŋa ŋam], 팔
寒熱病第二十一 한열병제이십일 (강원2-1)  <<  nose
癩狂病第二十二 라광병제이십이 (강원2-1)  <<  foot [fu ŋ=t], 발
熱病第二十三 열병제이십삼 (강원2-1)  <<  hand
厥病第二十四 궐병제이십사 (강원2-1)  <<  vagina [vΛ ŋo za y= nΛ], 보지
病本第二十五 병본제이십오 (강원2-1)  <<  penis [p ŋe ni s=], 자지
雜病第二十六 잡병제이십륙 (강원2-1)  <<  nerve
周痺第二十七 주비제이십칠 (강원2-1)  <<  cough [kΛ ŋo f=], 기침 (기이침 [gi yi cim])
口問第二十八 구문제이십팔 (강원2-1)  <<  red eyes
師傳第二十九 사전제이십구 (강원2-1)  <<  sleepiness
決氣第三十 결기제삼십 (강원2-1)  <<  palsy
腸胃第三十一 장위제삼십일 (강원2-1)  <<  anger
平人絕穀第三十二 평인절곡제삼십이 (강원2-1)  <<  nervousness
海論第三十三 해론제삼십삼 (강원2-1)  <<  liver cancer
五亂第三十四 오란제삼십사 (강원2-1)  <<  sadness
脹論第三十五 창론제삼십오 (강원2-1)  <<  sullenness
五癃津液別第三十六 오륭진액별제삼십륙 (강원2-1)  <<  premature ejaculation
五閱五使第三十七 오열오사제삼십칠 (강원2-1)  <<  qualm
逆順肥瘦第三十八 역순비수제삼십팔 (강원2-1)  <<  insomnia
血絡論第三十九 혈락론제삼십구 (강원2-1)  <<  swelling
陰陽清濁第四十 음양청탁제사십 (강원2-1)  <<  lovesickness
陰陽繫日月第四十一 음양계일월제사십일 (강원2-1)  <<  early death
病傳第四十二 병전제사십이 (강원2-1)  <<  food avarice "음식에 대한 욕심 (음씩에 데한 욕씸)"
淫邪發夢第四十三 음사발몽제사십삼 (강원2-1)  <<  reverie

順氣一日分爲四時第四十四(1) 순기일일분위사시제사십사(1) (강원2-1)  <<  calculus [ke kΛ lΛ s=], 결석 (결썩)
外揣第四十五 외췌제사십오 (강원2-1)  <<  rubella/풍진
五變第四十六 오변제사십륙 (강원2-1)  <<  concretion [kaŋ k= ri s= yΛn]/결핵 (겨렉)
本藏第四十七 본장제사십칠 (강원2-1)  << syphilis [si y= fΛ lΛ s=], 매독 (메독)
禁服第四十八 금복제사십팔 (강원2-1)  <<  contagion/감염
五色第四十九 오색제사십구 (강원2-1)  <<  epilepsy [ŋe ye pΛ le si], 간질 (가안질)
論勇第五十 론용제오십 (강원2-1)  <<  penis [pe y ni s=], 자지 (자아지)
背腧第五十一 배수제오십일 (강원2-1)  <<  sex [s ŋe s=], 성기(性器) (성기이)
衛氣第五十二 위기제오십이 (강원2-1)  <<  concretion [kan k= ri s= yΛn]/결핵 (겨랙)
論痛第五十三 론통제오십삼 (강원2-1)  <<  vagina [vo ŋΛ za y= nΛ], 보지 (보오지)

天年第五十四(1) 천년제오십사(1) (강원2-1)  <<  foot [f= w=t], 발 (바알)
逆順第五十五 역순제오십오 (강원2-1)  <<  syphilis [si yi fΛ lΛ s=], 매독 (매에독)
五味第五十六 오미제오십륙 (강원2-1)  <<  sex [se ŋ s=], 성기(性器) (서엉기)
水脹第五十七 수창제오십칠 (강원2-1)  <<  arm [ŋam], 팔 (파알)
賊風第五十八 적풍제오십팔 (강원2-1)  <<  arm [ŋ= w= ŋam], 팔 (파할)
衛氣失常第五十九 위기실상제오십구 (강원2-1)  <<  cough [ko ŋΛ f=], 기침 (기이침 [gi y= cim])
玉版第六十 옥판제륙십 (강원2-1)  <<  foot [f= wut], 발 (바할)
五禁第六十一 오금제륙십일 (강원2-1)  <<  calculus [k kΛ lΛ s=], 결석
動輸第六十二 동수제륙십이 (강원2-1)  <<  foot [fut], 발 (val)
五味論第六十三 오미론제륙십삼 (강원2-1)  <<  sex [s y s=], 성기(性器) (서엉기이)
陰陽二十五人第六十四 음양이십오인제륙십사 (강원2-1)  <<  anorexia [ŋ no re si ŋa], 식욕 부진 (시굑 부으진)
五音五味第六十五 오음오미제륙십오 (강원2-1)  <<  foot [f= ŋut], 발 (va hal)
百病始生第六十六 백병시생제륙십륙 (강원2-1)  <<  sex [se y s=], 성기(性器) (서엉기yi)
行鍼第六十七 행침제륙십칠 (강원2-1)  <<  foot [f= ŋu t=], 발 (va 알)
上膈第六十八 상격제륙십팔 (강원2-1)  <<  vagina [vo za y= nΛ], vo오지
憂恚無言第六十九 우에무언제륙십구 (강원2-1)  <<  sex [se s=], 성기(性器) (소엉기이)
寒熱第七十 한열제칠십 (강원2-1)  <<  vagina [vΛ za yi nΛ], vΛ오지이

邪客第七十一(1) 사객제칠십일(1) (강원2-1)  <<  foot [fu wu t=], 발 (바하 알)

通天第七十二(1) 통천제칠십이(1) (강원2-1)  <<  sex [se s=], 성기(性器) (서옹기)

官能第七十三 관능제칠십삼 (강원2-1)  <<  vagina [bΛ ŋo za yi nΛ], vo wo지
論疾診尺第七十四 론질진척제칠십사 (강원2-1)  <<  foot [f= w= t=], 발 (va아할)
刺節真邪第七十五 자절진사제칠십오 (강원2-1)  <<  penis [pe ŋ ni s=], 자하지
衛氣行第七十六 위기행제칠십륙 (강원2-1)  <<  foot [fu wu t=], 발 (va아알)
九宮八風第七十七 구궁팔풍제칠십칠 (강원2-1)  <<  vagina [bo ŋΛ za ŋi nΛ], vo호지이
九鍼論第七十八 구침론제칠십팔 (강원2-1)  <<  foot [f= wu t=], 발 (va하할)
歲露論第七十九 세로론제칠십구 (강원2-1)  <<  penis [p ŋe ni s=], 자지 (주아지)
大惑論第八十 대혹론제팔십 (강원2-1)  <<  foot [fu ŋ= wu t=], 발 (va하아할)
癰疽第八十一 옹저제팔십일 (강원2-1)  <<  arm [ŋa ham], 팔 [fal]




상고천진론편제일 (황해2)  <<  medicine      약 [yak]
《소문》1/pES .1.석재황/FS 제,생이신/aES 령,약이능/MS 언,유이순제/mES ,장이돈민/SS ,성이등천/pES/+cp 。내문/FS/+cp 어천/aES/+cp 사/MS/+cp 왈:여/mES/+cp 문/SS/+cp 상고/pES/+bp 지/FS/+bp 인,춘추/aES/+bp 개도/MS/+bp 백세,이동작부쇠/mES/+bp ;금시지/SS/+bp 인,년반백이동작/pES/Ch 개쇠/FS/Ch 자/aES/Ch ,시/MS/Ch 세이/mES/Ch 야?인장실지야/SS/Ch ?

《소문》1.2.기백/pES/Ch/+cp 대왈:상/FS/Ch/+cp 고지인,기지도/aES/Ch/+cp 자,법어음/MS/Ch/+cp 양,화어술수,식음유/mES/Ch/+cp 절,기거유/SS/Ch/+cp 상,부망작로,고능/pES/Ch/+bp 형여/FS/Ch/+bp 신구,이진/aES/Ch/+bp 종기천/MS/Ch/+bp 년,도백세내/mES/Ch/+bp 거。금시/SS/Ch/+bp 지인부*/pES 연야*/FS ,이주위*/aES 장,이망*/MS 위상,취이입방,이욕갈기정,이모산기진,부지지만,부시어신,무쾌기심,역어생악,기거무절,고반백이쇠야。

구침십이원제일 (강원2-1)  <<  medicine    약 [yak]
《령추》1/pES .1.황제문어기/FS 백왈:여자만/aES 민,양백/MS 성,이/mES 수기/SS 조세。여애기부급/pES/+cp ,이속유질병。여욕/FS/+cp 물사피독/aES/+cp 약,무용폄석,욕이/MS/+cp 미침통기경맥,조/mES/+cp 기혈기/SS/+cp ,영기역순출입지/pES/+bp 회。령가전/FS/+bp 어후세,필명위지/aES/+bp 법。령종이부멸,구/MS/+bp 이부절,역용난망/mES/+bp ,위지경기。이기편/SS/+bp 장,별기표/pES/Ch 리/FS/Ch ,위지종/aES/Ch 시。령각유/MS/Ch 형,선립/mES/Ch 침경。원문기정/SS/Ch 。

《령추》1.2.기백답/pES/Ch/+cp 왈:신청추이차지/FS/Ch/+cp ,령유강기,시어일,종/aES/Ch/+cp 어구언。청언기도/MS/Ch/+cp 。소침지요,역진이난입/mES/Ch/+cp 。조수형,상수신。신/SS/Ch/+cp 호,신객재문,미도기/pES/Ch/+bp 질,악지기원?자지미/FS/Ch/+bp ,재속지,조수관,상/aES/Ch/+bp 수기,기지동,부리/MS/Ch/+bp 기공,공중지/mES/Ch/+bp 기,청정이미。기래/SS/Ch/+bp 부가봉,기왕부가*/pES 추。지기지도*/FS 자,부가괘이발,부*/aES 지기도,고지부발*/MS 。지기왕래,요여지기,조지암호,묘재공독유지。왕자위역,래자위순,명지역순,정행무문。역이탈지,악득무허,추이제지,악득무실,영지수지,이의화지,침도필의。

3.                               Democrat or Republican or else ,  
Federalist               (Geor + ge/Ch  Wa + shing/Ch + ton)/GC/S/abT               "George Washington"

Federalist  >>  Whig/S  >>  Republican/C1

"Democratic Republican"                (Tho + ma/Ch + s  Je/Ch + ffer + son/Ch)/GC/P/abT               "Thomas Jefferson"

"Democratic Republican"  >>  Republican/P/Ch

Democrat                (An + d/Ch + rew  Jack/Ch + son)/mGC/abT               "Andrew Jackson"

Federalist               (zΛn ŋ/Ch dΛ s=)/Ch/GC/S/abT               "John Adams [zΛn ŋ dΛ s=]"

"Democratic Republican"                (z y=/Ch s= m/Ch di s=n/Ch)/GC/P/abT               "James Madison [z y= s= m di s=n]"
"Democratic Republican"                (z yi/Ch s= mΛ/Ch ŋo ro/Ch w=)/GC/P/abT               "James Monroe [z yi s= mΛ ŋo ro w=]"
"Democratic Republican"                (zΛn k=/Ch wi si/Ch ŋ dΛ/Ch s=)/GC/P/abT               "John Quincy Adams [zΛn k= wi si ŋ dΛ s=]"

Democrat                (ma t=n/Ch van b=/Ch ren)/mGC/abT               "Martin Van Buren [ma t=n van b= ren]"

Whig                 (Wi/Ch + lli + am/Ch  Hen + ry/Ch  Ha + rri/Ch + son)/S               "William Henry Harrison"
Whig                        (zΛn/Ch ta ŋi/Ch lΛr)/S                      "John Tyler [zΛn ta ŋi lΛr]"

Democrat                (ze y=/Ch s= no/Ch s= po/Ch k=)/mGC/abT               "James Knox Polk [ze y= s= no s= po k=]"
Whig                 (z/Ch kΛ ri/Ch ta y=/Ch lΛr)/S               "Zachary Taylor [z kΛ ri ta y= lΛr]"
Whig                 (mi/Ch lΛ fi/Ch mo ŋΛ/Ch)/S                "Millard Fillmore [mi lΛ fi mo ŋΛ]"

Democrat                (fu re/Ch k= lin/Ch pi ŋΛ/Ch s=)/mGC/abT               "Franklin Pierce [fu re k= lin pi ŋΛ s=]"
Democrat                (ze y=/Ch s= b=/Ch kΛ ren/Ch)/mGC/abT               "James Buchanan [ze y= s= b= kΛ ren]"

Republican               (Abraham Lincoln)/P/Ch              "Abraham Lincoln [ŋ yi b= rΛ ŋΛm li kΛn]"
Republican               (Andrew Johnson)/P/Ch              "Andrew Johnson [ŋe du ru yu zo s=n]"
Republican               (Ulysses S. Grant)/P/Ch              "Ulysses S. Grant [yu wu li si z= ŋ s= g= ra t=]"
Republican               (Rutherford Birchard Hayes)/P/Ch              "Rutherford Birchard Hayes [rΛ ŋo fΛr bi cΛr -]"
Republican               (James Abram Garfield)/P/Ch              "James Abram Garfield [z y= s= ]"
Republican               (Chester Alan Arthur)/P/Ch              "Chester Alan Arthur [c s= tΛr -]"

Democrat                (gu ro/Ch w= vΛr/Ch ku li/Ch v= le/Ch d=)/mGC/abT               "Grover Cleveland [gu ro w= vΛr ku li v= le d=]"

Republican               (Benjamin Harrison)/P/Ch              "Benjamin Harrison
 [be za min h ri s=n]"
Republican               (William McKinley)/P/Ch              "William McKinley [wu yi li ŋΛm me -]"
Republican               (Theodore Roosevelt)/P/Ch              "Theodore Roosevelt [si ŋΛ do ru z= be t=]"
Republican               (William Howard Taft)/P/Ch              "William Howard Taft [wu yi li ŋΛm -]"

Democrat                (w= wu/Ch d= ro/Ch wu yi/Ch s=n)/mGC/abT               "Woodrow Wilson [w= wu d= ro wu yi s=n]"

Republican               (Warren Gamaliel Harding)/P/Ch              "Warren Gamaliel Harding [wo ŋΛ ren -]"
Republican                (Calvin Coolidge)/P/Ch              "Calvin Coolidge [ke vin ku w= li zi]"
Republican               (Herbert Clark Hoover)/P/Ch              "Herbert Clark Hoover [hΛ ŋo bΛr k= wu loak hu wu vΛr]"

Democrat                (f= w=/Ch re k=/Ch lin d/Ch la no/Ch -)/mGC/abT               "Franklin Delano Roosevelt [f= w= re k= lin d la no -]"
Democrat                (h ye/Ch ri ye/Ch s= t=/Ch wu r= mΛn)/mGC/abT               "Harry S. Truman [h ye ri ye s= t= wu r= mΛn]"

Republican               (Dwight David Ike Eisenhower)/P/Ch              "Dwight David Ike Eisenhower [du wu wi t= -]"

Democrat                (zΛ ŋon/Ch fi yi/Ch zΛ rΛl/Ch -)/mGC/abT              "John Fitzgerald Kennedy [zΛ ŋon fi yi zΛ rΛl k ye ne di]"
Democrat                (li yi/Ch d=n b/Ch y= ne/Ch s= -)/mGC/abT               "Lyndon Baines Johnson [li yi d=n b y= ne s= -]"

Republican               (Richard Milhous Nixon)/P/Ch              "Richard Milhous Nixon [ri yi cΛr m= ŋu ŋi ho w= s= ni y= s=n]"
Republican               (Gerald Rudolph Ford)/P/Ch              "Gerald Rudolph Ford [z y rΛ d= ru ŋ= do f= fΛ ŋo d=]"

Democrat                (z ye/Ch y= s=/Ch ŋo ŋΛl/Ch - -)/mGC/abT               "James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, J R [z ye y= s= ŋo ŋΛl -]"

Republican               (Ronald Wilson Reagan)/P/Ch              "Ronald Wilson Reagan [rΛ ŋo nΛ d= wi yi s=n re ŋi gΛn]"
Republican               (George Herbert Walker Bush)/P/Ch              "George Herbert Walker Bush [zΛ ŋo ŋΛ zi ho ŋΛ bΛr -]"

Democrat                (wu w=/Ch yi li/Ch ŋΛm ze/Ch -)/mGC/abT               "William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton [wu w= yi li ŋΛm ze fΛ s=n -]"

Republican               (George Walker Bush)/P/Ch              "George Walker Bush [zΛ ŋo ŋΛ zi wo ŋΛ kΛr b= wu si]"

Democrat                (b= wu/Ch ŋa ra/Ch k= -)/mGC/abT               "Barack Hussein Obama Junior [b= wu ŋa ra k= h= wu swe y=n -]"

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