SUBJECT: verity, truth,  'the true',  factuality, tru(thful)ly,     'Sincerely yours', media blitz, clear/whole/H? wholeness
NAME: Young-Won Kim
DATE: 2009.08.26 - 21:37
23.      verity/veritableness

*       When articulating        "veritableness"     with/from GRECOnglish/GC /P/Ch/abR speaking posture,      "verity" is metaphthong/MPh pronounced.

24.      truth/true(ness)

*       When articulating        "trueness"     with/from GRECOnglish/GC /P/Ch/abR speaking posture,      "truth" is metaphthong/MPh pronounced.

When articulating        "truth"     with/from GRECOnglish/GC /S/Ch/abT speaking posture,      "true" is metaphthong/MPh pronounced.

25.      "the true"

"the true"                 (true/P/Ch + ness/T/Ch)                  trueness
"the happy"               (happi/S/Ch + ness/P/Ch)                 happiness

"the careful"              (careful/P/Ch + ness/C2/Ch)               carefulness

"the poor"                (poor/T/Ch + ness/C2/Ch)                 poorness

"the actual"               (actu/C1/Ch + ality/S/Ch)                 actuality

"the real"                 (re/S/Ch + ality/T/Ch)                     reality

"the arid"                 (arid/P/Ch + ity/C2/Ch)                   aridity

26.       fact(uality),    factualness

*       When articulating        "factualness"     with/from GRECOnglish/GC /P/Ch/abR speaking posture,      "factuality" is metaphthong/MPh pronounced.

When articulating        "factualness"     with/from GRECOnglish/GC /S/Ch/abT speaking posture,      "fact" is metaphthong/MPh pronounced.

27.     tru(thful)ly

*       When articulating        "truthfully"     with/from GRECOnglish/GC /P/Ch/abR speaking posture,      "truly" is metaphthong/MPh pronounced.

Now I find:     "Truthfully yours" seems better than "Truly yours".

28.    Sincerely yours.                (Yours sincerely.)

"^I^ am truthful to you."   is metaphthong/MPh pronounced as   "Truthfully yours."      <<liaison-hole/LH>>

"^I^ am sincere to you."   is metaphthong/MPh pronounced as   "Sincerely yours."

"^I^ am thankful to you."   is metaphthong/MPh pronounced as   "Thankfully yours."

"^I^ am kind to you."   is metaphthong/MPh pronounced as   "Kindly yours."

*     But, the articulation/speaking itself is impossible for   "^I^ am  true  to you."

When articulating        "Truthfully yours"     with/from GRECOnglish/GC /S/Ch/abT speaking posture,      "Yours truthfully." is metaphthong/MPh pronounced.

When articulating        "Sincerely yours"     with/from GRECOnglish/GC /S/Ch/abT speaking posture,      "Yours sincerely." is metaphthong/MPh pronounced.

When articulating        "Thankfully yours"     with/from GRECOnglish/GC /S/Ch/abT speaking posture,      "Yours thankfully." is metaphthong/MPh pronounced.

When articulating        "Kindly yours"     with/from GRECOnglish/GC /S/Ch/abT speaking posture,      "Yours kindly." is metaphthong/MPh pronounced. ,    

I                             (Truthfully/C2 + yours/T)                        "Truthfully yours"

myself                       (Truthfully/S + yours/C2)                        "Truthfully yours"

me                          (Truthfully/T + yours/P)                         "Truthfully yours"

I                             (Sincerely/T + yours/C2)                        "Sincerely yours"

myself                       (Sincerely/T + yours/P)                          "Sincerely yours"

me                          (Sincerely/S + yours/P)                          "Sincerely yours"

I                             (Thankfully/T + yours/S)                        "Thankfully yours"

myself                       (Thankfully/S + yours/P)                        "Thankfully yours"

me                          (Thankfully/C2 + yours/T)                        "Thankfully yours"

I                             (Kindly/P + yours/S)                             "Kindly yours"

myself                       (Kindly/C2 + yours/S)                             "Kindly yours"

me                          (Kindly/T + yours/S)                               "Kindly yours"

29.      media blitz

blitz                  (adver/P/Ch + tisement/T/Ch)                 advertisement

30.      clear/History?? ,    
Word History
The Latin word  clarus,  "clear," "bright,"  from which clear is derived,  is also the source of English chiaroscuro, claret, clarify, clarion, and declare.

*       When articulating       "clear"     with/from English /T speaking posture,      "clarus" is metaphthong/MPh pronounced.

chiaroscuro                               (c/T/Ch + lear/C2/Ch)                clear

claret                                     (c/P + lear/C2)                        clear

clarify                                    (c/P/Ch + lear/S/Ch)                  clear

clarion                                    (c/C1 + lear/S)                        clear

declare                                   (c/T/Ch + lear/P/Ch)                  clear

31.       whole/History?? ,  
Word History
The prehistoric Germanic word from which whole is derived, is also the source of English hale 1, hallow, heal, health, and holy.
*       When articulating       "whole"     with/from English /T speaking posture,      "fagi" is metaphthong/MPh pronounced.

hale                                (ho/T + ul/S)                        whole [ho  ul]

hallow                              (ho/P/Ch + ul/T/Ch)                whole [ho  ul]

heal                                (ho/C1 + ul/P)                      whole [ho  ul]

health                              (ho/P/Ch + ul/C2/Ch)               whole [ho  ul]

holy                                (ho/T + ul/C1)                       whole [ho  ul]

32.       whole(ness)  

*       When articulating        "wholeness"     with/from GRECOnglish/GC /P/Ch/abR speaking posture,      "whole" is metaphthong/MPh pronounced.

"the whole"               (whole/S/Ch + ness/P/Ch)                 wholeness